Friday, February 27, 2009


I am so very glad that it's Friday and that I have a little time to breathe. It has been a rough week.

I saw this idea on this blog and thought I would do my own version here. I love finding inspiration on other blogs (when I have them time). Let me just say that there are a few blogs that fall into many of these categories, so I listed them more than once. Here is my list for you (which is not comprehensive...just some inspirational blogs off the top of my head):

link a blogger who...
has an online shop: my happy little life / a beautiful mess / marta writes
takes fantastic photographs: tara whitney / karen Russell
has a new baby: ali / marci
has flawless taste: karla / my happy little life / simple as that
is unique: emily
has admirable qualities: my happy little life
crafts up a storm: my happy little life
is an artist: a beautiful mess
is intriguing: shutter sisters
you've bookmarked: tangled and true
lives far away: shimelle
is an old favorite: becky higgins
is creative: molly irwin
features fabulous ideas: becky higgins' recipes
features loveliness: marta writes
features pretty products: anna marie horner
features fantasticness: danielle
features weddings: james carson photography
writes about life: pioneer woman
is a daily must see: my happy little life / karen Russell
tells great stories: my happy little life / pioneer woman
is funny: bits & pieces
is a designer: how about orange / ali
you are inspired by: my happy little life / millie holloman photography
recently added to google reader: the jackson family
gives fabulous tips: stephmodo / pioneer woman photography

So there you go. Blog inspiration in many different area to suck hours of your time.

Can you tell that I really love my happy little life and karen russell's blogs? They are my very favorite to read.

It was difficult to keep this list to one or two per category. Of course there are many blogs I read, written by people with admirable qualities. I put down my happy little life for that one because she openly writes a lot about her feelings and beliefs, and the things she writes about are admirable in my mind. And there are lots of people who write about life and fit in many other categories. Like I said, these are just a few. (Many more on my blog list.)

Also, I took out "works a letterpress" because I couldn't think of anyone off the top of my head who does.

Okay, so now it's your turn. I would love to read your list and get some more inspiration!

(Also, sorry this showed up so many times for those of you who have google reader. I went back through a double checked the links and there were a few that were wrong so I had to make some changes.)


Stephanie said...

That's a really cute idea. What a fun list!

Mel said...

Sorry you had a rough week. It was really enjoyable reading some of these. I'll keep coming back till I've covered all of them.

Kristal and Jason said...

Hi Ashley, I just posted the "Pay it Forward" on my blog. Thanks for this idea. It's a great one and gives me an excuse to create!