Wednesday, October 1, 2008

so far this week...

.I am working 9-9 on most days between my internship and my job.
.I went to my internship class and met with some Juniors for a bit at the end. They had lots of questions for us Seniors. Which made me realize, "I am finally a Senior. No kidding," as if it had just dawned on me. It's about time!
.I need to edit more pictures than I have time for. A lot more.
.I got a very sweet card in the mail from a friend. Just because. It made my day.
.I read a lot from the book Escape. It is fascinating. I can hardly put it down.
.My photography class ends and I am so far behind.
.Our camera is being repaired and I am missing it terribly.
.I have talked to my brother a lot.
.I heard from two of my step sisters whom I haven't heard from in a while.
.I did lots of laundry.
.I watched Heroes and How I Met Your Mother (which is a new favorite show of mine) with W.
.I made Chicken Enchiladas.
.I have thought about blogging many times, but have not had the time to finish the posts I want to. Instead I am resorting to this quick post in list form.
.I have felt productive and happy (and also crazy busy).


Michaelynn said...

I watch Heroes and How I Met Your Mother with Chance, too. They are shows that I really like, but I think I like them even more because we watch them together. He's a huge superhero freak and its fun to see his reactions to the show. What do you think about Sylar? I think its great to see some comedy from him. And How I Met... is way too funny. Chance quotes it regularly. It had great dialogue.

Krystell said...

Hey!! Sounds like you are crazy busy! So I am at work here in the hospital and there is a nurse that served in your mission!! Way small world huh! Anyways, he knew ya a little bit. I had to show your pic! Anyways, he is Elder Bullock.

Ashley said...

Michaelynn, I think the Sylar thing is an interesting twist. You never can trust the guy. It's an interesting plot though.

Krystell, How cool that Elder Bullock works with you. I honestly can't picture him but his name sounds so familiar. I'm sure if I saw a picture of him I would recognize him.

Mel said...

I like updates like this because I never talk to you anymore! Thanks for keeping us posted on what you've been up to.

imbritney said...

sounds like you're having a good week. I'm so excited that you're on your last semester of school! how cool is that? I remember when I was done with school, I didn't look back.

Ashley said...

Mel: I know, I really miss running with you. I think I will be able to go to aerobics on Mondays so that will be good.

Brit: I am excited that there is a light at the end of the tunnel with school. Yay!

Marci Coombs said...

So glad you are liking the book Escape. I couldn't put it down. After you read that one...there's another one I recommend about polygamy. I can't think of the name right now though. It's just as interesting.

lilly and dilly said...

I miss you ab

jack!e said...

Hey Ashley! I finally got my blog up and running...I really don't have much on there yet but its a start! You're gonna have to give me some tips though! I need your e-mail address (I thought I had it but you're not in my contacts on my e-mail) so I can ask you all the blogging questions I have! ALSO...what ever happened with that car accident you got in with the lady who was late for her interview??