Wednesday, September 24, 2008


We're going to the Neil Diamond concert tonight. I am so excited! I grew up on his music and have been wanting to go to one of his concerts since I was a teenager. Can't wait.

School also starts today. I am only taking one class, which goes along with my internship, and I'm looking forward to only writing one paper this quarter. Nice!

I am so behind with blogging...I have so much to write about our trip to Puerto Vallarta last week, as well as other events this Summer...not sure when I'll have the time to catch up. Hopefully soon.


Wendy D said...

hope you had fun at your was it??

imbritney said...

Glad you guys made it back safely. Hopefully no mishaps in Mexico.

How was Neil? everything you expected? and more, I'm sure.

Welcome back!

Mamie Coffey said...

I am so behind too. not sure when I will get to catch up- and respond to your tag! I haven't forgotten- just bogged down! I will arise again... oh, yes... (sometime!)

Krystell said...

Wow! You two have been having all kinds of fun lately! Yeah for you! And I can't help but be a tad bit jealous, except for Neil Diamond, have to say not such a fan! But I hope that ya enjoy it!!

Michele said...

I love Neil! forever in blue jeans is the best song ever!