Sunday, August 17, 2008

the cats in my life

I pretty much love our "boys" (as I affectionately call our cats, Kitty and Squeak). And I think they know it. For example, would I have made them kitty treats in the oven if I did not love them? Would I have added milk, eggs, and oil and baked them at 350? I think not.

Squeak was a fan.

My mom bought them this mix a while back (thanks, Mom). It has organic catnip in it, which is why he liked it so much (well, not because it was organic as much as it was catnip). Squeak actually jumped up on top of the fridge (where I kept it for almost a year before I made it) and and tried to bite it open, as you can see from the teeth marks on the box. That's how luring the cat nip is. How cute is that wale shaped cookie cutter?

It made quite a few.

Squeak loved rubbing against it almost as much as he enjoyed eating it.

Kitty inspected the treat and decided it wasn't for him. Maybe his taste buds have changed in his old age.

But that just meant more for Squeak.

And speaking of kitties, this little girl was our visitor for the past few weeks.

We were thinking about keeping her, but things didn't work out so W's sister, Britney and her husband took her. Isn't she a cutie? I love her little pink nose. She didn't have a name before coming to our home (she was actually a street cat, found on the Portland Temple grounds by Britney and Ron) and we didn't want to give her a permanent name if we weren't going to keep her, so we called her "A Feline To Remember." Kind of a mouthful. I usually ended up calling her "little girl."

Can you tell I love cats? Love, love, love.


Louise said...

I love the pictures of squeak with the kitty treats. What fun to make those for him.

mrs s said...

what pretty cats you have...i'm toying around w/ the idea myself (again--it goes in and out over the years!) thanks for welcoming me to the "blogging" world. it can be intimidating for us beginners. i can't believe you have six(ty) some odd blogs?! holy cow--you'd win the gold if it were an olympic event!

Krystell said...

Too cute!! What a good mommy your are.