Sunday, April 20, 2008

shower stuff

I hosted a baby shower for my friend Crystal yesterday. She is having twin girls. My friend Marci (who lives in AZ) wanted me to post pictures and details of the shower, so here they are.

[the invitations]

She isn't a big pink fan so I didn't add an ounce of pink to the invitations (although it was tempting).

[the decorations]

I made this fun banner to hang for the shower. I saw the diaper cake on here on Talia's blog and thought it was such a cute idea.

We played three games. The first was a word scramble game, where everyone tried to decode a bunch of baby-oriented words. The second game was a cute idea Aleisa had (Aleisa gave the shower with me). She passed diapers around and everyone wrote advice or little notes on the diapers for Crystal. The third game was trying to find safety pins in a bowl of rice while blindfolded. Whoever could find the most in 45 seconds won. It sounds easy but it's really pretty difficult. Three was the most anyone got.

And of course the presents were fun. I couldn't resist using pink wrapping, despite Crystal's aversion to pink.

For the food, Aleisa made salsa and brought chips, we had cream cheese with a sweet pepper relish poured on top with crackers, pasta salad, and chocolate covered strawberries.

And one last picture - our cat, Squeak, loves to be social. He's always around when we have company over. Here he is, enjoying the shower.

It was really fun. I'm excited for you Crystal!


MerriLynn said...

Sounds like tons of fun. Sorry I had to miss it. Great pictures.

Crystal Lynn said...

Yay! You should send me copies of those pictures! I had such a great time on saturday! Thank you so much!

StraightAs said...

Thanks for the email invitation, I'm so bummed that I missed it. I have a gift for Crystal and the girls so I'll take it by this week. Your inviations and decorations were adorable!

Talia said...

It all looks sooooo cute, Ashley!
Awesome job!

Krystell said...

Cutest ever! I love the decor, invites, cake, how much cuter can ya get? But wait, then you have the cute game ideas! Lovin' it!! Sounds like everything went so great!

Krystell said...

p.s. who's house is that? I absolutely love the paint! The room looks so nice!! Is it your place? A personal request to see your handy dandy decorating of your rooms =0) please!

Ashley said...

Thanks! Krystell, yes that is my house. I will email you some pictures if you want.

The Vastbinders said...

OMG I forgot about the shower...I should have come. I have been out of touch with all the happenings since I left the crestwood ward back in November. I am going to have to bring something to Crystal.

Marci Coombs said...

Okay...I LOVE everything you did...from the invite's to the food to the wrapping paper. So creative and so cute! I LOVE seeing stuff like that and getting other peoples ideas. Thanks!

Lori Millsaps said...

Loved seeing those pictures of your friend's baby shower. It brought back a lot of good memories. Loved the invites and decorations.