Tuesday, April 1, 2008

crazy weather

The weather has been crazy lately. It was snowing and hailing yesterday and today it is sunny and nice. I'm not sure if this is normal for Spring in Washington...it wasn't like this last year. Anyone?

So I started my last quarter as an undergrad yesterday. After this I have my practicum an then I'm done! I'm pretty excited about that. Pretty dang excited.

I am listening to Weezer, putting off doing laundry. Any other Weezer fans out there? I know they are old school but I really like them.

We saw Dan in Real Life the other night and we liked it. I have been trying to see that movie forever. It was clean and funny. I recommend it.

Okay, not much else to share. Guess I should get back to my to-do list...


jjstringham said...

If you want to destroy my sweater

Weather - it is not normally like this. Normal is rain. 9 months of rain.

Pull this thread as I walk away

School - yay! You're almost done! You should throw a party after it's all over.

Watch me unravel, I'll soon be naked

Movie - haven't yet seen it. Heard it's good though. I'll have to put it on the Netflix queue.

Lyin' on the floor, I've come undone.

Weezer - yeah. I'm a fan. Although, that's probably the only song I remember of theirs. :-P

Becky said...

I'm not only a fan, but Dean and I even went to a concert down in Tucson together before we started dating. :)

As for Dan in Real Life...let me know how the ending was. My sis and I tried to watch it back in October, but we got kicked out of the theater because Eden was "vocalizing."

Michele said...

I like the Weezer "Buddy Holly" song. Dan in real life WAS good! I am so glad you're almost done with school. I really does not normally do this weird weather thing here. Usually it's just rain. Although, with the pretty sunshine we get inbetween weird weather...I'll take it! (Cuz it's more sunshine that we usually see before April!)
Ok...my husband is now BLASTING weezer songs on the Ipod at 9:30 pm...crazy guy.

inara said...

i like weezer, congrats on almost being done with school!

Becky Noël said...

Gotta chime in that this is NOT normal weather. Rain is the norm. ha

I LOVE Dan in Real Life - I saw that in the theater before we went to the Dane Cook comedy show and there were SO many signs saying "Dane in Real Life" - ha. I really liked it too!!

elizabeth said...

Saw Dan in Real Life over the weekend - the whole family LOVED it (including the teenager). This is only my 2nd Spring here in WA, but I've been told that NOTHING has been normal weatherwise since we moved here. We've lived through the wettest November (2006), an insane power outage and a heatwave (over 100 degrees).

Congrats on nearing the end of school :)

Crystal Lynn said...

I am def a weezer fan. They remind me of the days back in high school. But I love their new stuff too!

Michele said...

To answer your AZ question on my blog...We (Dave & I) plan on moving to AZ in about 3 years...We LOVE it there! (and we're so sick of the rain!)

Kim said...

I am so a fan of weazer...so fun :)

Krystell said...

Absolutely love the show! We went to see it when it came out, and I couldn't stop laughing! It even made me cry a bit. Needless to say I own it. Cute toes, reminds me to do mine...And congrats on the whole last quarter! WOW! You made it! What a trooper!