Thursday, February 28, 2008


I made cupcakes today. I pretty much read from the book The Pursuit of Happyness all day and needed something to break it up. I'm reading it for a class but if I wasn't I don't think I would finish it. I loved the movie but the book is very different from the movie.
So I should be in bed but W is working late and I'm waiting up for him. I was tagged recently by my friend Marci so here goes:

Donuts or bagels? Bagels

Rice or noodles? Noodles

Soup or salad? Tough choice but I'll go with salad (but not with iceberg lettuce).

Mexican or Italian? Mexican

Purse or shoes?

Morning or night? Night. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am not a morning person.

Summer or winter? Summer

Candy or chocolate? Chocolate

Going out or staying in? Going out is fun but I love watching one of our favorite TV shows on the couch with takeout. I can wear my pjs and be more comfortable.

Laundry or dishes? Laundry.

Skirt or dress? Love both but I'll go with dresses. I love finding a cute, modest dress. They're so fun.

Flip flops or tennis shoes? Flip flops. Wish I could wear them year round here like I could in Arizona.

Hot chocolate or chocolate milk? Hot chocolate.

Water or juice? Water. I pretty much only drink water. It is my beverage of choice.

Tv shows or movies? TV shows because I like that there's more time for character development.

Cats or dogs? Cats. Love our boys.

Diet or regular soda? I don't drink soda. I honestly don't like it.

Cake or pie? Depends, but nothing beats my mom's lemon meringue pie.

Hair up or down? Up on most days.

Mountains or beach? Beach, but I don't like going in in the water as much as just enjoying the atmosphere.

Pink or blue? Blue.

Drama or comedy? Comedy.

Hamburger or hotdog? Neither.

McDonald’s or Burger King? Neither. I really don't like fast food unless it's a place like Chipotle or a sandwich place like Quiznos.

Football or baseball? Baseball

Epidural or natural? I don't have any kids but plan to go for the epidural when I do.

Carebears or my little ponies? I liked both as a kid. My carebear's name was Sunshine.

Cd or radio? Cds. I really don't like commercials.

Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty? Umm, I liked both as a little girl. Maybe Sleeping Beauty a bit more.

Okay, this was just a silly little questionnaire but it's kind of fun. So now I'm tagging Jamie Stringham, Crystal, Shannon, and Melanie.

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Krystell said...

I loved the movie too! Most of my friends hated it because it was so depressing. But I loved all that he triumphed over. What an amazing character, and yet you could totally relate with him (he still yelled at his kid, got down, and wanted to give up like all of us). I loved the scene with his son playing basketball. I totally break out into sobs! Can you imagine having to go through that, let alone having a kid who relied totally on you? Completely umimaginable to me! It reminds me to not give up, continue to persue, and that we have a choice to be happy! Thanks for the reminder!