Tuesday, December 4, 2007

my favorite christmas song

I just wanted to share my favorite Christmas song. My dad introduced me to this song when I was in high school and I have loved it ever since. I also love Christmas Canon by Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Oh Holy Night by Celine Dion, and both of Neil Diamond's Christmas albums. Feel free to share some of your favorites with me - I would love to listen to them.

I am super busy this week with school but I will be back soon with a long post about our gala.


Andrea Nelson said...

Hi Ashley, you must be on break?? I missed a few days reading your blog & had to catch up. Hope you're doing well.

Kim said...

Great songs! We've been listening to Mary's Lullaby which is a childrens christmas cd, but it has the prettiest songs...Ryker loves it!

TamBaum said...

Breath of Heaven is my favorite. Glad I found your blog. I added you to my list!