Wednesday, December 26, 2007

feeling grateful

I shouldn't be awake right now, but I am. I am sitting here in the dark with the hall light streaming in, thinking about how blessed and grateful I am. We spent today (Christmas day) in Portland with Wendel's sister and husband and their cute foster kids. As the day was winding down, we noticed a fire truck outside at their neighbor's house. Wendel and his sister went out to see what was going on. We learned that the twenty-year old who was here visiting his family from California got very sick. He has had Lupus his whole life. Tonight he passed away. I don't know this person or his family. I'm not familiar with Lupus (I had to look it up). But tears come to my eyes as I type this entry because I can't imagine what this family is going through...losing their son, and especially on Christmas. I am grateful that Wendel is sleeping next to me right now. I am grateful we are healthy and happy. When the fire truck and police cars arrived, one of the foster children came out of her room, looking for her parents. Since they were outside, she asked me, "Did they come to take us away?" My heart just broke. This little girl associates police with being taken from her home. Again, both pain and gratitude washed over me. I also have a friend whose best friend's house burned down a few weeks ago. She has a seven month old baby and is a single mom. Right before Christmas. I met this girl for the first time the other night and she is the sweetest girl. I feel so bad for her loss. Even though no one was hurt, imagine losing everything you own. Pictures, furniture, make-up, dvds, personal records, your computer, appliances, clothes, letters from loved ones, EVERYTHING.

I guess this post is a little depressing. I am intending for it to be about gratitude though. I want to acknowledge the blessings I have...things like our house, health, parents, a loving Heavenly Father, good examples and friendships in my life, family, my faith, security, love, generosity...the list is endless.

Tonight was another reminder to me that life is short and it is precious. And I don't ever want to take it for granted.


Elizabeth said...

this isn't depressing at all. it's really what the holidays are about. you are spending time reflecting on what you have vs. what you GOT for christmas. that should make you feel good!

happy holidays!
Elizabeth from Redmond

Ashley said...

Hi Elizabeth, I don't know you, but thanks for your sweet comments on this post. (I wasn't able to link to your blog or I would've left you a comment there.)

Ashley said...

Actually, I do think I know who you are. You're Becky's friend, right? Thanks for commenting.

Elizabeth said...

actually,no! i'm just a random scrapbooker from the eastside. i think i found your blog while browsing your awesome work @ 2peas. i've been a faithful reader ever since :)

Ashley said...

Elizabeth, I'm glad you commented. I would love the url to your blog or 2peas gallery or both if you don't mind sharing.

Elizabeth said...

Hopefully this comment shows up (I don't know what keeps happening to them!). Here's my info:

My 2Peas username is erosemond

Happy New Year :)