Tuesday, July 17, 2007

pushing 30

It was my birthday yesterday. I turned 28. I guess that's not really pushing 30 quite yet but I am nearing the end of my 20s, and that's pretty weird. I had a great birthday. My friend Crystal came over in the morning and brought me a candle and some yummy brownies. So sweet of her. Then two of the girls I teach at church (twelve years old) and one of their moms took me out to lunch. When I got home three more of the teenagers in our ward brought me a cake and then later that night another girl I teach at church brought me another cake. We have so many treats around here! I have to say, I just love the youth in our ward. They are so awesome. I also got two packages - my mom sent me some shirts, a cute framed quote, and a gift card to Michael's. My dad sent me an Ipod Nano (which I am so excited to work out with), and Wendel, my sister, and brother all went in on this lens for me. They also got the hood and a filter for the lens. I love it! I am feeling pretty spoiled!

I am really excited about this lens because I am starting to do photo sessions on the side (engagement, bridals, family, babies, etc.) and this lens will be great for this. I am just starting to do this "for real" and need more practice on people that I don't know. So if you are in the Seattle area and you wouldn't mind me practicing on you or your family, let me know. You can email me at ashleylschultz@gmail.com. It will just be $75 for a session, since I will come to you and since photo editing takes quite a bit of time. For that price I will give you the disc with all of the negatives, including many of the images already edited for you to keep. I think it will be fun!

ETA: My brother, Tyson got me this awesome back pack to hold our camera and lenses in. So cool!


Becky Noël said...

Oh you know Jason and I are up for pictures! :) Once things quite down with my stupid car I would love to set up a session with you! And it's so close I'm sure he'd agree. ;)

~Nancy~ said...

Happy belated birthday girlie!! Hope you had a great day!! So awesome they got you a new lens! Have fun playing with it! Hugs!

Kim said...

glad to hear you had a great birthday and were spoiled! I love that lense so much! Have fun and good luck with the photo sessions!