Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's 91 degrees

in our house right now. That's the thing about the Pacific Northwest...hardly anyone has ac. It's pretty crazy, but it's true. I've been told this is because the weather is only warm for such a short time, it's not worth it to have ac. Right now I'm thinking it would be worth it. Even though it's hotter in Arizona, it feels hotter here inside of our house. No one in their right mind would not have ac in Arizona, so it's always cool inside. Not the case here.

Still not done with my's such a work in progress. It's difficult to feel motivated to organize when I feel sticky and sweaty.

For all of you creative people out there (or those who want to try your hand at a fun project), my sister-in-law Mamie is teaching a fun class over at Big Picture Scrapbooking. Check it out.

I was going to make banana bread but in a 91 degree house I have to laugh at the thought of turning on the oven. Missing our neighborhood pool in Arizona...


Nancy van den Berg said...

OMG.. it's really hot overthere!!!! Hang in there girlie (and send me some of your heath.. it's cold overhere in Holland.. it seems like the summer is never going to start at all!) Hugs, Nancy

Ali M said...

Crazy that your house is so hot when it not hot outside.

It's been about 100 degree here! Yikes!