Monday, May 7, 2007

*fun weekend*

My cousin's open house was beautiful. It was in Silverdale, pretty much out in the middle of nowhere (1/2 hour from Port Townsend, which is one of my favorite places) and it took us forever to get there, but it was fun once we did. We got to talk and catch up with her and her parents (my aunt and uncle) so that was cool. And yummy Italian food and a tour of their beautiful home (built by my cousin's father-in-law).
The lighting was pretty bad. This isn't the best photo, but don't they look so happy?

Then Tyson, Wendel, and I went to see the 12:30 showing of Spider-Man 3. A little crazy on my part since I had to get up early to take my midterm on a mere 4 hours of sleep. I felt like I did when Wendel and I were engaged...staying up all hours of the night and then having to be to work or school early the next morning, and just not really caring about sleep. Anyway, the movie was fun. Ty and Wendel were a little disappointed due to how little Venom was in it but I really liked it. (Wendel I and were watching the making of the old-school Superman last night - I think it's so awesome how far movie-making has come in the last 20 years. The effects in Spider-Man are so cool.) When we got out of the movie (about 2:40 am), we found that the parking garage was locked so we were locked out along with everyone else who had been in the movie with us. We stood around shivering, waiting for the security people to show up. They couldn't figure out how to unlock the garage and had to call someone else to come...we were there until a little after 3:00am. Then we took Ty back home to Seattle since he had to work the next day.

Saturday afternoon Wendel and I went on a date. We went golfing at Druids Glenwhich was just gorgeous. I know I say it all the time, but I am continually in awe at the beauty here. I love it.

Golfing isn't my favorite thing ever, but Wendel really likes it, and it was fun to spend some time together. I had fun taking some pictures from the golf cart (as you can see). I love that there were bridges over streams that we crossed on our golf cart. What a cool course. Then we ate at the restaurant on the golf course, which was really good. A hidden treasure around here, I think. I had this delicious Thai salad and salmon (of course) with garlic mashed potatoes and Wendel got steak. Good stuff.

I just have to say, I feel so happy and blessed in my life.

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Kim said...

Such a pretty golf course! We saw Spiderman too on friday's been a long time since we had a date night.