Tuesday, May 15, 2007

--elsie's challenge--

Elsie has a fun challenge on her blog today to post a self-portrait on our blogs and link it to her blog. She's sending some of her product to the winner. So here are my self-portraits. (I realize that the second one is blury - I actually kind of like it that way. It's kind of symbolic of how I'm not perfect but try to do my best.)

Today I am doing homework and once that is done I'm going to work on some photo blocks for my niece (finally - these were promised to her - well, to my sister-in-law, rather, over a year ago, but moving and lack of a chop saw has really pushed it back. Now we're settled and I have my saw and I'm ready to play! Yay!)

Tonight is the season finale - and final espisode ever - of Gilmore Girls. I must say it's kind of sad. Seven seasons. It's been a fun ride.


Kim said...

cute pictures! good luck!

BonnieRose said...

love your self portraits.. I did this challenge too!