Wednesday, February 14, 2007


This picture was taken with my cell phone a few months ago. Even though the resolution isn't very good, I adore it. I love that we look happy and in love.

In honor of Valentine's Day, I want to list some things that I LOVE about Wendel:

*He gets the door for me EVERY time we get into the car. I have never asked him to do this for fact, he insists on doing it. I think it's so sweet and respectful.
*He cracks my back for me whenever I want him to.
*He supports my scrapbooking hobby and gets excited about my layouts and projects.
*He helps me with my Stats homework at night (even though I know he would rather relax after working all day).
*He makes me laugh everyday.
*He supports me in my goal to finish school.
*We are silly together. All the time. And I love it.
*My happiness is his first priority.
*We both love photography. I love that we have this hobby in common.
*He watches Gilmore Girls with me. And he likes it.
*He is sensitive to my feelings.
*He tells me that I'm beautiful.
*He makes me happier than I ever knew I could be.

I love that there is a day dedicated to love.

Speaking of love, here is a picture of our new house:

Last night we drove to our new house and Wendel carried me through the front door (which I thought was so cute of him). We slept on the floor (which I will admit, was not as fun as it sounds) and woke up nice and early to greet the movers. It's so fun being here and getting our stuff organized. We love our new house.

For Valentine's Day, Wendel and I got each other a 28-80mm lens for our camera. It isn't a wide-angle lens like we really want, but it is a wider view than the lenses we already had, and we got it for a decent price. We're happy about it. And that was supposed to be all we were getting each other - we made a deal. And then Wendel broke it. When I picked him up from work last night, he said he wanted to drive and then drove the opposite way of our apartment. I was so confused. He drove us to the UPS store, where there was a package waiting for me. He ordered me Norah Jones' new cd, Not Too Late, which we have both been wanting. The little weasel. He is such a sneak. I am happy that he is, though. I love how thoughtful he is.

Tonight we're eating here. I'm looking forward to some Salmon. Yum.

Hope you're having a beautiful Valentine's Day!

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Lindsey said...

ab i like the list of things you love about dub. thats so cute you two are adorable. and your so creative with this blog i love it!