Thursday, February 8, 2007

amazon party

Two weekends ago amazon had their Christmas party (Wendel works for amazon, for those who don't know). Since the holidays are so busy for them, they have their Holiday party in January. (I decided it would be more fun to write about if I waited for the pictures to go along with it). Amazon rented out one floor of the Westin Hotel. There were close to 3,000 people there. The theme was Hollywood, so some peole really got into it and dressed up as movie stars. Since our stuff is packed up (and I have a feeling Wendel is grateful for that), we just went casual (which I was grateful for once we started dancing). Even though we didn't know many people (since Wendel just started a month ago), it was still really fun. There were three rooms; one was for dancing, with a live band and food, one was for karaoke, and the other had about 12 Nintendo Wii consoles in it. I had never played, so Wendel convinced me to try tennis. I was a little nervous considering there were tons of people watching us, but it was really quite fun (Have you tried it? The actions you do with the control are what you see on the screen - not buttons pushed. It's really cool). Jeff Bezos (the founder of amazon) and his wife cut us and we watched them play boxing. So funny! We also danced, which was so fun. Neither of us have danced in a while, and our legs were feeling it the next day. We did a little Lindy and West Coast Swing. Fun stuff. Here are a few pictures (taken by a photographer amazon hired):

Also, if you want to be uplifted, check out Melodee Langworthy's blog here. I love her Drive-thru Thursday concept.

Today we have our "signing party" for our new house. Horray! We move in on Valentine's Day - how cool is that?


Becky Noël said...

Happy Signing Day!! :) That's so much fun! The Amazon party pics are cute - looks like it was a fun time!

Becky Noël said...

I just had to check to make sure I had the date right today - sure enough your post awhile ago is closing!!! YAY!! :)

Have fun moving into your new place!! Tell your hubby scrapbook room is the #1 priority. ;)

Hope things are going well!