Friday, January 26, 2007

new beginnings

I used to be opposed to blogs. I guess I didn't see the point of them. After reading some for a while now, I have warmed up to them and am finally starting my own. I guess this is a good time to start, since there have been big changes in my life lately. My husband, Wendel, and I recently moved to Seattle because he got a job offer here (we moved from Arizona, where we have been living the past couple of years. We were sad to leave but excited to be here. It's like the difference of squares, as Wendel and I say. Yeah, it's a math joke. It's the only thing that gets me through math, really). It's funny because we visited here last summer and LOVED it. I even said, "I want to move here someday." Little did I know we actually would six months later. Getting to this point was insanely crazy. Getting our house in order while finishing up finals, getting ready for Christmas, working, etc. was a nightmare. We spent Christmas in Utah with my family, drove back to Mesa, and then flew to Dallas the next morning to visit Wendel's sister and her family. We had a great time with Meagan, Micah, Abigail, and Avery. The girls are so adorable. Don't you think so?

We then flew straight from Texas to Seattle, where we have been for the past few weeks. I am seriously in love with Washington. I think the rain is exaggerated a bit. Maybe it's just more emphasized in the winter. In any event, I have only used my umbrella a handful of times (that's not to say that it hasn't been cold at all or that those times I did use my umbrella I didn't miss sunny Arizona a little). Lately the weather is just gorgeous. We are currently living downtown, a few blocks from the Space Needle and a short walk from the water. I'm loving it.

Our first weekend here, Wendel and I took a ferry to the San Juan Islands. We went with his sister, Britney, and her husband, Ron, and their friends, Julie and Jared. We stayed here (Wendel's Christmas present to me). It was so fun and relaxing. We hiked a little, took some awesome pictures, fed deer (they ate grapes from our hands), ate at this amazing place called Lulu's (the salmon was incredible), I got a professional massage, and we did a little shopping. If you ever visit Seattle, you've gotta visit the San Juan Islands. Here are a few pictures from our fun weekend:

I guess I had a lot to write about. Wendel and I are going to watch a movie - either Bowfinger or Serenity. Have you seen either? What did you think?

Have a great weekend.


The Veatch's said...

I am so jealous that you guys are in Seattle. I miss it so much! If you want to visit my home town... Snohomish, my dad runs a bee supply store where they sell the best honey. It is called the Beez Kneez Apiary Supply. I am so happy for you guys. We just found out that we are expecting baby #3!

Helena said...

I have mixed feelings about Serenity, just because the series (Firefly) was soooo much better.